Qvara: Adding and Managing a Customer Site

Qvara: Adding and Managing a Customer Site

What is a Site?

A "site" describes a customer's location information. If a customer has multiple sites, they can call each other internally using extension numbers. There is a minimum of one site per customer and the customer must be created before the site can be created.

Example of Sites

Company A operates solely from a single location, which has been designated as the default site and is the only site associated with this customer.

Company B has multiple locations across the United States, with each location having its own corresponding site, such as "New York Office" and "Dallas Warehouse."

Creating a Site

  1. Navigate to the PBX Admin → Sites tab, then select the "Create Site" button.
  2. Enter the site name, choose the time zone, and choose the site's country, then select "submit."

Alert: the site's country cannot be changed once selected.

Additional Settings

Further details can be adjusted after the site has been created by selecting the pencil icon to the right of the site's name on the sites page.
  1. General tab: view/edit the site's name, and updated the timezone.
  2. Fraud Prevention tab: view/edit the site's international dialing PIN.
  3. Ownership tab: View a site's dependency tree, illustrating the interdependencies of features once a system is built.
  4. Audit tab: view changes made to a site's settings and by whom

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