Qvara: Adding and Managing Phone Numbers

Qvara: Adding and Managing Phone Numbers

Types of Phone Numbers

The Qvara platform supports the purchase and routing of domestic, toll free, international, and virtual phone numbers. All phone numbers entered into the Qvara platform are classified as either on-net, off-net, or virtual.
  1. On-Net Numbers: phone numbers hosted by Qvara (via direct purchase or porting). These phone numbers fully support inbound and outbound calling, SMS, and MMS.
  2. Off-Net Numbers: phone numbers hosted by another provider but added to the Qvara portal for outbound calling only.
  3. Virtual Numbers: non-real phone numbers added to a PBX for internal use only.
Note: Off-Net numbers can only be added by Primevox's support team.

Adding a Phone Number

There are several ways to add a phone number to Qvara, including direct purchase, porting, or manually adding a phone number. A phone number does not have to be assigned to a specific customer, and can instead be in a pool of available numbers.

Method 1: Purchase
  1. Navigate to the Phone Numbers → Purchase tab, and select a search criteria.
  2. Using the toggle next to the available phone numbers, select the phone numbers you wish to purchase.
  3. At the bottom of the list, choose a customer and site to assign the phone numbers to.
  4. Select the "Purchase" button to complete your phone number order.

Method 2: Porting
Phone numbers can be ported to the Qvara platform through our normal porting process. To begin this process, please follow this link to submit your port request.
Note: submit one (1) port form per losing carrier.

Additional Settings

Further details can be adjusted after the phone numbers has been added or purchased by selecting the pencil icon to the right of the phone number on the phone number management page.
  1. General tab: reassign the phone number, enable routing, and allow one or more sites to use the phone number as an outbound caller ID.
  2. Caller ID tab: customize the outbound caller ID for on-net phone numbers.
  3. E911/Emergency tab: enable the phone number to be used for emergency services and update the registered address.

Virtual Numbers

Virtual numbers are phone numbers that cannot be dialed outside of the Qvara platform. They are primarily used to transfer or forward calls between PBXs. For example, a company wants calls to its first location to be redirected to the second one, so they are given a virtual number for the second location. This way, calls to the first location can be forwarded to the virtual number without needing an extra real phone number and incurring additional costs.

Adding a Virtual Number:
  1. Navigate to the Phone Numbers → Virtual Numbers tab and select "Add a Virtual Number".
  2. Enter the quantity of virtual phone numbers you wish to add, assign them to a customer and site, then select "Submit".

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